Pinebox Adventures

Fresh Blood: Part One

On the way to Buckskin Lake, the two of them hear on the radio that the town they are passing through has had three murders in the last three days all seemingly by an ‘animal attack’ where the victum’s throat was attacked and they bled out.

All the murders happened near a bar named ’Spider’s’

All three murders were of thirty-something single guys.

The two find a likely candidate for a victim and follow him. He gets attacked by a blonde woman who claims that she hasn’t been able to control her hunger for days and claims she ’can’t come down’ from a high she’s had for days. She thinks someone slipped something into her drink.

After foiling her attack and taking her back to her apartment they learn that there was ‘a guy’ who gave her what she said was a ‘great drug’ and took her back to his loft. She tried to show the two where the loft was but couldn’t remember the actual place.

She managed to remember a ‘d’ name which the two guessed might be a ‘Dixon Niles’ based on names on mailboxes downstairs.

On making thier way up to Dixon’s loft, there were two girls in the apt. who invited them in and were acting very seductive. There was no ‘Dixon’ to be found.

Renfeld found some drugs in the bathroom designed to thin blood.

After a bit of chit-chit, the two girls show their true colors and attack Dylan and Renfeld. The two escape, but not before Dylan got slashed across the chest (one wound).

Once away, Renfeld heals Dylan’s wound with a prayer and leaves Dylan speechless at the miracle.

Renfeld calls in backup from the Illuminati who connects him with a local hunter team who arms them and educates them in how to kill vampires.

The four of them launch an attack on the Vampire nest during the day time during which the ancient vampire and all his thralls were destroyed without any wounds suffered on the side of the ‘heroes’.

Dylan: 3 (5)
Renfeld: 3 (27)


twcrone twcrone

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