Pinebox Adventures

The Devil's Highway: Part 1

San Carlos Reservation near Phoenix, AZ

Cast of Characters:
Patrick Hopson – FBI liaison (least jurisdiction)
Major Frank Garret – Police liaison
Sheriff Mangas Colloradus – Indian liaison
Master Sergeant Emmanuel Santana (Hitchhiker picked up on the road on the way into San Carlos – not friends with the sheriff)
Julie BuxomHeart – receptionist/dispatch at Sheriff

Sheriff showed up an hour early at 8:30am and met them later at the local diner (Julie’s mother was head waitress).
-Victorio Begay had complained to his neighbor ‘John Rope’ that sheep were being stolen for the last few months. John reported this to the police.
- Victorio had said he planned to sit out all night to catch the thieves and he and his family went missing that night.
- Sheriff said the ‘sheep theft’ was far from a common thing in the area.
- Sheriff reluctantly admitted that he’d been having some dreams about the coyote spirit and other random things that made him talk to a shaman about it who told him that the coyote spirit was not only a ‘trickster’ spirit but a ‘protector’ spirit. Sheriff doesn’t truly believe in
- Those gone missing are not just Native American.
- After Dylan is served toast and water by Julie’s mom who recognized him as the one who was rude to her daughter the night before, they all left in the Sheriff’s car to visit and speak with John Rope.

When they arrive, John is drunk and on the couch and only speaking in Apache. The Sheriff asks John to cooperate with them and speak english.
- John begrudgingly agreed and gave the location of a tree stand Victorio might have used to stake out the sheep thieves the night he went missing.

Sheriff and John Renfeld went to Mass and dropped Dylan off at the Begay Ranch.
Dylan explored the ranch and picked up an axe in the shed near the house before going out in the field where John Rope said Victorio might have been.

While Dylan was in the ‘deer stand’ on top of the sheep shed – he swore he saw a sniper prone on a nearby hill. He immediately dropped down and spent the next couple hours trying to contact Renfeld in Mass.

Eventually Renfeld and the sheriff showed up and upon investigating the ridge where Dylan saw the sniper, they found depressions in the grass where someone might have been laying. Renfeld also noticed a vulture circling in the distance and upon investigating that, discovered the body of Paco Begay, his body drug out of a shallow grave and completely drained of blood.
Upon additional investigation with help from the Sheriff’s deputies, 26 graves found – four were Begay family – the rest were sheep – all were exsanguinated.
County coroner was called in and collected the remains. Renfeld asked for results to be provided ASAP.

Next day: While attempting to find more tracks from the sniper location, more vultures were noticed which led to a second burial site where an entire car was found buried. After digging a bit, Inside the car was a body. Renfeld broke out the back window and climbed in. The remains are from a young man with massive abdominal trauma with a hole in his belly and his intestines spilled out on the front seat. After checking the glove compartment, Renfeld found insurance card with the name, Kenneth Braverman.


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