Pinebox Adventures

Unstill Waters: Epilogue

Dylan drove Tim back home while John helped Callahan get medical attention.

John and Callahan attempt to go to Cicero’s house, but quickly get the car stuck. Callahan waits for the tow truck while John walks to Cicero’s house.

John questions Cicero about the Rasnicks. John learned roughly where they lived. That they support themselves with growing pot, and there’s roughly 20-30 of them in the family.

Callahan calls in his FBI contact and is able to arrange help from the local authorities to arrest the Rasnicks on charges of growing illegal narcotics, assaulting a federal officer, and kidnapping.

The raid is to take place in the morning after the warrant comes in. Sheriff Buddy Mullins and five deputies will be part of the raid.

Dylan starts the raid off by driving a truck through the front door and into the living room, then shotgunning two surprised zombies. The rest of the team followed in and it went downhill from there. Two deputies got killed and Pastor John was mortally wounded. The sheriff and the remaining deputies retreated while the pastor was able to recover and provide himself with a small bit of healing.

The three went downstairs to the basement where they encountered the Mossy Man and after exchanging some shots and spells, he escaped through a secret door.

While looking for him, Callahan developed a bit of claustrophobia (magically induced by the Mossy Man) and decided to guard the entrance/exit to the room from the top of the stairs. That’s when he encountered the big ‘fresh’ boss zombie who had returned to attack Callahan at the top of the stairs. The two struggled for a bit before Callahan was pushed back down the stairs. The zombie followed him down and was about to attack him when Dylan shot him and killed him with a shotgun blast.

After searching some more, the team finally found a secret door and followed the long dirt corridor behind it. They triggered one trap and avoided two until they reached the Mossy Man at the end of the corridor as he could not emerge into the sunlight. The team resisted his fear spell and then shot him a lot and he went down.

Rolling him out into the sun, he disintegrated. Then the team returned to the house and searched it where Brother John found the other eleven volumes of the Encyclopedia Demonica (The Revelations of Glaaki). Finally – the team blew up the truck parked in the living room and officially ended the family’s hold on the town and their influence in the world.

3xp for each
Callahan 1 wound (minor claustrophobia)
John 1 wound (minor hydrophobia)
Dylan – unscathed

Hawke: 16
Renfield: 37
Callahan: 31


twcrone MattCrandall

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