Pinebox Adventures

Unstill Waters: Finale

ON the boat, Dylan and Callahan find an area on the lake where the water seems darker – like black coffee. There were also some camouflaged boats.

John swam down towards the submerged town of Coleville, but got the ‘heebie-jeebies’ and felt he was being watched.

Callahan found a trail leading up towards the ridge and the group followed it to investigate. It turned out the trail led up to a pot field that was booby trapped. Callahan set off a tripwire shotgun that shot him in the leg – which after a couple bennies left him shaken but not wounded.

John re-read his demon book and learned that only a ‘mossy master’ can do the ceremony to call the Leviathan. The ritual must take place on or over a holy site.

Eventually the three ended up on the lake where they fought back the hordes coming to sacrifice Tim – Callahan got incapacitated by a horde of zombies and barely survived. The Mossy Master, two zombies, and a zombie heavy got away.

3xp for each
Callahan 1 wound
John and Dylan – no wounds

Frank has Str one level reduced (Busted)

Hawke: 13
Renfield: 34
Callahan: 28


twcrone MattCrandall

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