Pinebox Adventures

Unstill Waters: Part 3

Three three do back to the Marina.

Dylan notices that they have scuba gear for rent there. The shop keep ‘Teri Deel’ greets them – he is hard-core ‘wood-stuck’.

Teri will give scuba lessons – they take 2 hours roughly.

Scuba gear $50/day – includes the class.

Boat rental $35/hour.

John and Dylan distract the store keep talking about the scuba lessons while Jason went through Teri’s records and discovered 1) Tim was here and reserved a boat but doesn’t show him using it 2) Teri is selling pot on the side.

Teri tells John that ‘Kerm Mullins’ and ‘Cicero Shortridge’ are the local moonshiners. They claimed the monster is ‘a louie fan’ – which is probably where the monster got its name. Teri hasn’t seen them in a while.

The three go into town for lunch at the Rainbow diner and then go off looking for the moonshiners.

After lunch the three pile into Dylan’s truck and go off roading trying to find the moonshiners. First trip into the forest goes in a circle and leads them back to the interstate. Second trip leads them back to a cabin in the woods (a la ‘Deliverance’).

The old man in the cabin (Cicero Shortridge) tried to run them off, but was convinced to sit down and talk to the group since one was a preacher. Cicero claimed to have not seen Tim and figured ‘Louie got him’. Cicero went on to tell the tale of when he saw Louie and his friend Donald fell out of the boat and got ate up by Louie. Said they were near where Coleville was near the north east of the lake. Cicero said that odd lookin’ trees moved up and down out of the lake in that area – like spines. Cicero also mentioned that Teri Deel was trying to get him connected to some kid who had questions – but he never met the kid.

Cicero said that the water on the lake has been ‘skunked’… smells a little like rotten eggs. Said his buddy ‘Kerm’ has been missing for nearly 20 now – he thinks the ‘Rasniks’ had something to do with it. Called them ‘no-good inbred folk’.

The three go up the road to Kerm’s ‘house’ but all that remains are two badly rotted walls, roof has caved in, place is overgrown. Dylan shines headlights from the truck on the ‘house’ and John and Callahan search around in the ruins.

Callahan finds an old leather bound tome hidden in a compartment in on of the rotting couches. Shortly after that Cicero arrives on scene and offers them an old notebook that he said Kerm gave him shortly before he disappeared. The three drop Cicero back at his cabin and then head back to the hotel.

The Tome is a serious book of occult knowledge. The notebook is really old and waterlogged. John is able to glean a bit from the demon tome.

John learned that church in Coleville believed that the way to deliverance from sins was through baptism… and the drown a lot of people baptizing them to death.

‘When draco devours the day’s reflection the final baptism will open the gates and flood the world.’

Draco is the sky counterpart of the A lunar eclipse is scheduled for tomorrow night

Jason does some internet research and learns that Buckskin dam was built in 1936 and a ‘Jebadiah Cole’ was the president of the ‘Buckskin’ corporation. ‘Coleville’ was founded in 1929. Some of his information came from digital archives of ‘Walton Mountaineer’.

At some point in their research, they are interrupted by five um… lake zombies? Greenish skin, smell like rotten bananas. Hair is greasy and dirty. They are wet but they don’t bleed. John and Callahan chased two of them as they tried to escape into the lake, but they ran them down first and dispatched them.

When the battle was over four of them were dead and one escaped and crawled back into the lake.

Dylan loaded the bodies into the back of his truck and drove them off to dispose of them. Callahan and John decided to tell local authorities that the room was all shot up when we got back and he suspects that it might have been potheads getting revenge.

The cops believed the story cause they were tired and honestly didn’t really care.

Next day the three went to visit the offices of ‘The Walton Mountaineer’. The only employee was named ‘Earl’ and he told them that last three decades is digitized but the rest is on microfiche. Callahan managed to bore Earl into letting him have a look at the backlogs as he rambled on about some old ‘cold case’ he was researching. Dylan and Callahan began looking for information on Coleville while John spent more time researching the evil tome.

Discovered Coleville failed after a few years because it ran out of processed timber that it sold to remain profitable. Also mentioned that there were rumors part of the demise of the town was an organization of ‘Church of the Living Waters’

Hiram Rasnick and Donald Lester were elders of the church. SOme letters to the editors talks of ‘peculiar beliefs on baptisms and misinterpretation of Noah’s Flood’. The church also practiced and to some extent encouraged incest.

Cole accumulated much of his money from moon-shining in 40’s. Cole published his own interpretation of the Bible claiming to have more insight because of time he spent in the middle east.

John contacted the Illuminati and learned that ‘the Leviathan’ referenced in the Scriptures was worshiped throughout history by various cultist groups. The Leviathan also went by the name ‘Glokie’ and those who worshiped him were known as ‘The Servants of Glokie’. They often offered up sacrifices by impaling them on large spikes through their abdomen.

The ‘zombies’ that attacked all had large abdominal wounds.

The team began to theorize that The Church had kidnapped Tim to use him for their sacrifice during the lunar eclipse. The team began to wonder if Donald Lester or Zeb Cole was actually Cicero Shortridge. As the team began to wonder where Tim was, the consensus was that the Resniks might have him, but they don’t know where the Rasnick House is.’

In cross-referencing news stories with the recorded lunar eclipses it is discovered that there is a pattern of disappearances aligning with lunar eclipses. The mine flooding happened right around the time of one of the recorded eclipses. 20-30 miners died from this ‘accident’ via drowning or suffocation.

The three have ‘dinner’ at Rainbow Diner around 4pm and then head to the marina. John takes ‘scuba lessons’ while Dylan and Callahan cruise the lake near the Coleville ruins with a ‘fish finder’ looking for anything unusual – they find nothing. Callahan scans the shoreline but doesn’t find anything worth investigating.


No Wounds
Two Points Each

Hawke: 10*«
Renfield: 31*
Callahan: 25*

  • - *Ready to advance a level
  • - « Bonus Birthday point


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