Pinebox Adventures

Unstill Waters: Part One

Brother Renfeld – Stu’s Character
James Crocker – Father
Tim Crocker – Missing Son
– Unit name ‘Merlin’
– Student at USC
– Lives in apt off campus (rm. 203)
– Hasn’t contacted dad in 2 weeks – usually calls every Sunday
– Dad gave us registration information for Tim’s 1996 Subaru Outback
– Tim had a ‘girl friend’ who he played ‘board games’ with – Sherrie Newsome
– Sherrie lived across hall (rm. 204)
– Heavy set goth girl

Dylan talked a key out of her by telling her Tim thought of her as his girlfriend
Renfeld got a key from the manager just by being his charming self.

Apartment was dusty and obviously not lived in for some time.
In living room was a lot of research into the paranormal with the most recent research having to do with sea monsters and ‘water phenomena’
Dylan noticed in other rooms of the apartment signs that perhaps Tim had packed for a trip somewhere.

Fluid stains in Tim’s parking space told Dylan it had been at least a week or week and a half since a vehicle was parked there

After finding a mail box key they were able to access his mail box which was stuffed with mail to the point of overflowing – junk mail, cell phone bill, bank statement, paranormal times, credit card bill.

Cell phone predates Tim’s disappearance by two weeks. No calls to North Carolina. Nothing really stood out on the bill.

There were no charges on the credit card statement.

recent charges were discovered after calling in to his credit card company. A charge was made a week and a half ago on the 26th (Sunday), Super 6 Motel in Walton North Carolina which is fairly close to ‘Buckskin Lake’.

Calling in about the cell phone reveals it has not been used past the last statement.

Deel’s Marina – July 27th (Monday).

Bank statement had him withdrawing $300 locally on the 25th (Saturday)

In one of Tim’s blogs he says he’s onto something big. Another bloggers asks if it’s related to Coalville? There’s no response. This blog comment was about a week bevore he left.

Turns out it was a misspelling of ‘Coleville’. When Buckskin Lake was created, Coleville was flooded and now only exists as ruins under the lake.

Louie is the ‘monster’ in Buckskin lake.

Leonard Small – Owner of ‘local marina’.

Session cont’d at “Fresh Blood: Part One”


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