Pinebox Adventures

Unstill Waters & Fresh Blood: Part Two

The group went back to the female’s apt where she turned on them shortly after the Pastor tried to explain to her her unfortunate condition.

After a brief fight, Dylan managed to kill her via machete decapitation.

The three proceeded to their destination with Dylan and the Pastor jamming out to Kansas and Lynyrd Skinner

Upon arriving at Buckskin River Valley, the river is flooded and swollen – the town of ’Walton has a population of 1,330.

The remains of flooded buildings are visible in the murky river water

The trio stops at the local diner – ‘Rainbow Diner’ – they are served by ‘Mable’ and it quickly becomes obvious that the locals don’t’ care for visitors in their town. Mable also says the locals don’t like ‘Louie’ stories because .. well – they aren’t true.

The group then moves on to ‘Lucky Louie’s’ – the local bar. Pastor learns that there was a town named ‘coleville’ that was covered by buckskin lake from the barkeep – but it was before his time. Barkeep says ‘some college boy’ came into the barn and was asking about a ‘monster in the lake’.

Barkeep also mentioned that a mine opened into the lake at one point and the lake flooded the mine.

The three went to the hotel and found out that Tim didn’t check out but he took all his stuff and a pillow and a blanket and never was heard from again. One of the rooms the three get is Tim’s old room. It had been cleaned since he was there. There was a reference to Job 3:8 scribbled on a notepad: “May those who curse days[a] curse that day, those who are ready to rouse Leviathan.”

Next day after getting breakfast at the Rainbow Diner, they head out to the Deel Marina which turns out to also be a bait shop and camp ground.

Callahan noticed a glint of light across the lake and then the three went to investigate, they found an old hunting lodge in disrepair.

On second floor they find a hidden cache under a floorboard as well as the missing blanket and pillow from the hotel – the cache contained various personal effects as well as a digital video camera.

Video is a static shot of the surface of the lake for about an hour shot from the second floor window – nearly an hour into it – the camera zooms into a spot on the northwest shore – when the night-vision kicks in, a large ripple can be seen rolling across the lake’s surface and tim whispers, “hope I got that – I’ll have to check the tape”.

Shortly after that some people come into the lodge – the preacher goes down to investigate and finds three teen boys smoking weed. They mentioned they thought stu was the crazy old moonshine guy that lives around here. Further investigation made his name to be ‘shortrigde’ or ‘kerm’ or ‘cicero’.

After running the teen potheads off, the three decide to head back to town after collecting up Tim’s secret stash of gear and goods.


XP 2 each

Dylan: 7
Renfeld: 29
Frank: 23


twcrone twcrone

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