Angela Lopez

Angela is a pretty, full-figured Tejano (Texan of Mexican descent) working on her master's degree in history.


Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d4

Skills: Boating d4, Driving d4, Gambling d6, Investigation d6, Knowledge (History) d6, Persuasion d8+2, Streetwise d4+2, Swimming d4

Languages: Spanish

Charisma: +2; Pace: 6; Parry: 2; Toughness: 4

Hindrances: Curious

Edges: Charismatic


Lopez feels a little put out at times as she teaches Dr. Maclanahan’s American History to 1876 class more than she should have to. It also annoys her that Jackson Green, another graduate student, seems to get the plum research assignments. Lopez admits though, that Jackson Green’s assignments are quite strange – chasing ghosts and aliens for example, which she considers a waste of time.

She is currently dating Detective Macalahan but she does see their relationship as serious or going anywhere.

Angela Lopez

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