Donald Frank Callahan

Detective - Chicago PD


Rank (XP) Seasoned (31)

Agility d8
Smarts d8
Spirit d6
Strength d6
Vigor d6

Chr 0, Pace 6, Parry 6, Toughness 5
Edge: Quick Draw, Brave (+2)
Hindrances: Code of Honor (major), Loyal (minor), Cautious (minor)
Languages: English, Spanish, (2)


Equipment: Glock 17, 2 extra magazines, 50 rd 9mm, iPhone, badge


Callahan has always been bright, talented, and athletic. Why he would choose to put those abilities in the hands of the Chicago Police Department left many of his friends in family questioning not only his sanity but also the intelligence they had previously credited him as having. Still, Callahan proved to be an exemplary officer and quickly rose through the ranks, eventually being named to the Special Operations Sections (SOS). An elite unit, Callahan really flourished and distinguished himself within the SOS.

However, in September 2007, several of Callahan’s fellow officers in the SOS were indicted for robbery, kidnapping, home invasion, and other charges, as well as trying to conceal unlawful searches or arrests during which over $600,000 in cash was stolen between 2003 and 2006. Callahan was instrumental in bringing these officers to justice and was steadfast in his support for the state and federal investigators pursuing the indictments and convictions. Thanks in large part to his help, seven former SOS officers have pleaded guilty to charges relating to the SOS scandals and charges are still pending for several others.

Callahan’s commitment to duty and honor, as well as his exemplary career led his superiors to place him with the Detective Division of the Bureau of Investigative Services, where he quickly made Sergeant. He has continued to excel in the role and his superiors have been talking about him making Lieutenant in the near future. Despite this, Callahan has been haunted by his experience with the SOS. Former friends within the department have turned on him and look on him as a traitor. These are few in number, but their presence is felt regularly in little ways, such as missing reports, misplaced evidence, improper booking instructions, but also in the occasional shouting match. These are little more than annoyances for Callahan, but he cannot help but be a little troubled that men he once called brother have sided with the corrupt and unjust over him.

Callahan met John Renfeld during the course of his work with the Detective Division. Callahan was investigating a murder in a South Lawndale neighborhood, just a block away from the Epiphany Church. The investigation led Callahan to question a few of the poorer tenants near Renfeld’s church. Callahan had just started his questioning when he was accosted by a stern preacher intent on protecting his flock. Callahan and Renfeld got in a shouting match and Callahan was one second away from hauling the preacher in for hindering a police investigation when Renfeld said something that made Callahan pause. A certain turn of the phrase put the whole investigation into a new light and set Callahan off on a new path, which ultimately led to an arrest and conviction. Callahan later returned to thank Renfeld and, over the course of a number of much calmer conversations, the two became fast friends.

Callahan has never been a particularly religious man, but he really appreciates his friend’s views on the supernatural. He has no true investment in the mission trip that led to Pinebox, TX, other than as a chance to reflect on where life has taken him and what his place in the Chicago PD is as the SOS scandal and his involvement continue to plague him.

Donald Frank Callahan

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