Pinebox Adventures

Humble Beginnings

Dylan going home from (insert later) and passes through Pinebox.

Found little girl in truck on side of road who said her daddy ‘went to the potty’ and never came back. She was upset and crying claiming he’d been gone a long time.

Upon investigating, Dylan finds a body missing its clothes… and all its skin.

Dylan returns to the truck and the girl and calls 911.

Officers and ambulance arrives

Dylan told to stay in town and report to sheriff’s office later on.

Burketsville, IN Part One

Jon’s Illuminati contact ask Jon and Frank to look into some strange disappearances of you couples the second week of April each of the last 3 years. After taking the red eye, the duo decided that Burketsville, IN was the best starting point considering its off ramp only from the nearby interstate.

After poking around the tiny town, Frank managed to get in a stand off with a local officer from the sheriff’s department while Jon rescued a young couple stranded in the night outside of town next the one of the local orchards.

A short time later, Frank shot and killed the local cafe’ owner, Scotty, when threatened with a shotgun.

Frank covered the body with a tarp in the back of Scotty’s own truck. He and Jon are now considering their next course of action.

+2 XP each

Jon 22
Frank 19

Pond Demon Finale

While Frank and Angela did research on the Pond Demon, Jon got a visit from the demon at the Pinebox hotel. After a pitched battle in the parking lot, Jon managed to immolate it in flames with some gas he retrieved from a truck bed nearby. The demon eventually gave up on Jon and jumped into its pond stone that Jon had retrieved.

That evening Jon and Frank took their exorcist contact to the pond where the demon originated and began an exorcism. Mrs. Keaton showed up with her daughters in tow and it became obvious she was possessed. Frank managed to ‘kill’ the demon’s possessed body with some well place gun shots and flames.

When the pond devil emerged from the pond in true form and began choking the exorcist, Jon and Frank forced her into the pond with a few flare blasts and allowed the exorcist to finish his job, sending the demon back to Hell for good.

+3 XP each

Jon 20
Frank 17

The Pond Devil

Background they found on Eli Crenshaw and Pond Devil →

+2XP each

Father Renfield 17
Officer MacCallahan 14

Last Rites part one ending

Father Renfield broke into the nazi next door’s house and found a zombie in the basement. After killing it (again) they were attacked by two neo-burkham thugs. Killing one of these released the Nazi doctor’s spirit and rebound the trapped spirits.


Father R 3

Last Rites

Our heroes were leaving town when they encountered Susan Gray, a local attorney with a haunted house problem. After some pleading and initial research, our heroes decided to help her out. They went to her house, interviewed her and her children and then began the long night. They had many poltergeist encounters and debated going to the next door neighbor’s house in morning based on some of their findings.

Each character received 2 XP.

Nazi article


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