Pinebox Adventures

The Devil's Highway: Part 1

San Carlos Reservation near Phoenix, AZ

Cast of Characters:
Patrick Hopson – FBI liaison (least jurisdiction)
Major Frank Garret – Police liaison
Sheriff Mangas Colloradus – Indian liaison
Master Sergeant Emmanuel Santana (Hitchhiker picked up on the road on the way into San Carlos – not friends with the sheriff)
Julie BuxomHeart – receptionist/dispatch at Sheriff

Sheriff showed up an hour early at 8:30am and met them later at the local diner (Julie’s mother was head waitress).
-Victorio Begay had complained to his neighbor ‘John Rope’ that sheep were being stolen for the last few months. John reported this to the police.
- Victorio had said he planned to sit out all night to catch the thieves and he and his family went missing that night.
- Sheriff said the ‘sheep theft’ was far from a common thing in the area.
- Sheriff reluctantly admitted that he’d been having some dreams about the coyote spirit and other random things that made him talk to a shaman about it who told him that the coyote spirit was not only a ‘trickster’ spirit but a ‘protector’ spirit. Sheriff doesn’t truly believe in
- Those gone missing are not just Native American.
- After Dylan is served toast and water by Julie’s mom who recognized him as the one who was rude to her daughter the night before, they all left in the Sheriff’s car to visit and speak with John Rope.

When they arrive, John is drunk and on the couch and only speaking in Apache. The Sheriff asks John to cooperate with them and speak english.
- John begrudgingly agreed and gave the location of a tree stand Victorio might have used to stake out the sheep thieves the night he went missing.

Sheriff and John Renfeld went to Mass and dropped Dylan off at the Begay Ranch.
Dylan explored the ranch and picked up an axe in the shed near the house before going out in the field where John Rope said Victorio might have been.

While Dylan was in the ‘deer stand’ on top of the sheep shed – he swore he saw a sniper prone on a nearby hill. He immediately dropped down and spent the next couple hours trying to contact Renfeld in Mass.

Eventually Renfeld and the sheriff showed up and upon investigating the ridge where Dylan saw the sniper, they found depressions in the grass where someone might have been laying. Renfeld also noticed a vulture circling in the distance and upon investigating that, discovered the body of Paco Begay, his body drug out of a shallow grave and completely drained of blood.
Upon additional investigation with help from the Sheriff’s deputies, 26 graves found – four were Begay family – the rest were sheep – all were exsanguinated.
County coroner was called in and collected the remains. Renfeld asked for results to be provided ASAP.

Next day: While attempting to find more tracks from the sniper location, more vultures were noticed which led to a second burial site where an entire car was found buried. After digging a bit, Inside the car was a body. Renfeld broke out the back window and climbed in. The remains are from a young man with massive abdominal trauma with a hole in his belly and his intestines spilled out on the front seat. After checking the glove compartment, Renfeld found insurance card with the name, Kenneth Braverman.

Future Proof - Hellbend 1

Hellbend was once a vibrant town of nearly 3,500 souls, back when Hunt Electrodynamics ran the show. It was in the middle of nowhere, out past Beatty Junction near Death Valley, and no one knew why it was built there. In fact, no one cared.

In the late 1940’s, Hellbend produced a third of the electronics found in fighter aircraft around the world. Hunt Electrodynamics ran everything from the schools, the town general store all the way down to the funeral parlor. The company provided every- thing; and the people liked it that way.

Then the explosion of 1952 happened and every- thing changed.

When the plant went up one August night, it took twenty-six locals with it, as well as the founder of Hunt Electrodynamics — the elusive Arthur Hunt.
In the midst of the destruction, Hunt Electrodynam- ics fell under new ownership and changed. Hellbend was left behind, crippled. The firm changed its name (Hunt Electronics) and shifted its attentions to the east coast — specifically NASA and the Penta- gon.

Without the leadership of Hunt, who lived and worked in Hellbend, the town dried up like the earth in Death Valley. People left, schools closed, things fell apart.

Fifty-three years later the town is nearly dead. Only eighty-two people call the crumbling remains of Hellbend home anymore, and those few don’t look to the future. They get by on what they can, selling gas and goods to those on the way to the Death Val- ley National Park and biding their time. In another fifteen years, Hellbend will die a natural death, shriveling up in the 110o summer heat, leaving be- hind a skeleton of ruined buildings as a monument of some better time.

But in the last month, something else has been wear- ing away at the town, something decidedly unnatural. If the murder rate in Hellbend
continues it’ll die a lot faster than fifteen years, and a lot more violently than just another victim of some dead industry.

Someone or something is killing the residents of Hellbend, California. No one knows who or what it is.

Extended session:

4 XP each

The Class Ring

Brother Renfeld and Dylan Hawke posing as ETU professor and janitor respectively, helped two college coeds send a demon back to the abyss after inadvertently releasing it upon discovering some long lost remains.

Renfeld 40
Callahan 31
Hawke 19
(Angela) 3
(Ayu) 3

Unstill Waters: Epilogue

Dylan drove Tim back home while John helped Callahan get medical attention.

John and Callahan attempt to go to Cicero’s house, but quickly get the car stuck. Callahan waits for the tow truck while John walks to Cicero’s house.

John questions Cicero about the Rasnicks. John learned roughly where they lived. That they support themselves with growing pot, and there’s roughly 20-30 of them in the family.

Callahan calls in his FBI contact and is able to arrange help from the local authorities to arrest the Rasnicks on charges of growing illegal narcotics, assaulting a federal officer, and kidnapping.

The raid is to take place in the morning after the warrant comes in. Sheriff Buddy Mullins and five deputies will be part of the raid.

Dylan starts the raid off by driving a truck through the front door and into the living room, then shotgunning two surprised zombies. The rest of the team followed in and it went downhill from there. Two deputies got killed and Pastor John was mortally wounded. The sheriff and the remaining deputies retreated while the pastor was able to recover and provide himself with a small bit of healing.

The three went downstairs to the basement where they encountered the Mossy Man and after exchanging some shots and spells, he escaped through a secret door.

While looking for him, Callahan developed a bit of claustrophobia (magically induced by the Mossy Man) and decided to guard the entrance/exit to the room from the top of the stairs. That’s when he encountered the big ‘fresh’ boss zombie who had returned to attack Callahan at the top of the stairs. The two struggled for a bit before Callahan was pushed back down the stairs. The zombie followed him down and was about to attack him when Dylan shot him and killed him with a shotgun blast.

After searching some more, the team finally found a secret door and followed the long dirt corridor behind it. They triggered one trap and avoided two until they reached the Mossy Man at the end of the corridor as he could not emerge into the sunlight. The team resisted his fear spell and then shot him a lot and he went down.

Rolling him out into the sun, he disintegrated. Then the team returned to the house and searched it where Brother John found the other eleven volumes of the Encyclopedia Demonica (The Revelations of Glaaki). Finally – the team blew up the truck parked in the living room and officially ended the family’s hold on the town and their influence in the world.

3xp for each
Callahan 1 wound (minor claustrophobia)
John 1 wound (minor hydrophobia)
Dylan – unscathed

Hawke: 16
Renfield: 37
Callahan: 31

Unstill Waters: Finale

ON the boat, Dylan and Callahan find an area on the lake where the water seems darker – like black coffee. There were also some camouflaged boats.

John swam down towards the submerged town of Coleville, but got the ‘heebie-jeebies’ and felt he was being watched.

Callahan found a trail leading up towards the ridge and the group followed it to investigate. It turned out the trail led up to a pot field that was booby trapped. Callahan set off a tripwire shotgun that shot him in the leg – which after a couple bennies left him shaken but not wounded.

John re-read his demon book and learned that only a ‘mossy master’ can do the ceremony to call the Leviathan. The ritual must take place on or over a holy site.

Eventually the three ended up on the lake where they fought back the hordes coming to sacrifice Tim – Callahan got incapacitated by a horde of zombies and barely survived. The Mossy Master, two zombies, and a zombie heavy got away.

3xp for each
Callahan 1 wound
John and Dylan – no wounds

Frank has Str one level reduced (Busted)

Hawke: 13
Renfield: 34
Callahan: 28

Unstill Waters: Part 3

Three three do back to the Marina.

Dylan notices that they have scuba gear for rent there. The shop keep ‘Teri Deel’ greets them – he is hard-core ‘wood-stuck’.

Teri will give scuba lessons – they take 2 hours roughly.

Scuba gear $50/day – includes the class.

Boat rental $35/hour.

John and Dylan distract the store keep talking about the scuba lessons while Jason went through Teri’s records and discovered 1) Tim was here and reserved a boat but doesn’t show him using it 2) Teri is selling pot on the side.

Teri tells John that ‘Kerm Mullins’ and ‘Cicero Shortridge’ are the local moonshiners. They claimed the monster is ‘a louie fan’ – which is probably where the monster got its name. Teri hasn’t seen them in a while.

The three go into town for lunch at the Rainbow diner and then go off looking for the moonshiners.

After lunch the three pile into Dylan’s truck and go off roading trying to find the moonshiners. First trip into the forest goes in a circle and leads them back to the interstate. Second trip leads them back to a cabin in the woods (a la ‘Deliverance’).

The old man in the cabin (Cicero Shortridge) tried to run them off, but was convinced to sit down and talk to the group since one was a preacher. Cicero claimed to have not seen Tim and figured ‘Louie got him’. Cicero went on to tell the tale of when he saw Louie and his friend Donald fell out of the boat and got ate up by Louie. Said they were near where Coleville was near the north east of the lake. Cicero said that odd lookin’ trees moved up and down out of the lake in that area – like spines. Cicero also mentioned that Teri Deel was trying to get him connected to some kid who had questions – but he never met the kid.

Cicero said that the water on the lake has been ‘skunked’… smells a little like rotten eggs. Said his buddy ‘Kerm’ has been missing for nearly 20 now – he thinks the ‘Rasniks’ had something to do with it. Called them ‘no-good inbred folk’.

The three go up the road to Kerm’s ‘house’ but all that remains are two badly rotted walls, roof has caved in, place is overgrown. Dylan shines headlights from the truck on the ‘house’ and John and Callahan search around in the ruins.

Callahan finds an old leather bound tome hidden in a compartment in on of the rotting couches. Shortly after that Cicero arrives on scene and offers them an old notebook that he said Kerm gave him shortly before he disappeared. The three drop Cicero back at his cabin and then head back to the hotel.

The Tome is a serious book of occult knowledge. The notebook is really old and waterlogged. John is able to glean a bit from the demon tome.

John learned that church in Coleville believed that the way to deliverance from sins was through baptism… and the drown a lot of people baptizing them to death.

‘When draco devours the day’s reflection the final baptism will open the gates and flood the world.’

Draco is the sky counterpart of the A lunar eclipse is scheduled for tomorrow night

Jason does some internet research and learns that Buckskin dam was built in 1936 and a ‘Jebadiah Cole’ was the president of the ‘Buckskin’ corporation. ‘Coleville’ was founded in 1929. Some of his information came from digital archives of ‘Walton Mountaineer’.

At some point in their research, they are interrupted by five um… lake zombies? Greenish skin, smell like rotten bananas. Hair is greasy and dirty. They are wet but they don’t bleed. John and Callahan chased two of them as they tried to escape into the lake, but they ran them down first and dispatched them.

When the battle was over four of them were dead and one escaped and crawled back into the lake.

Dylan loaded the bodies into the back of his truck and drove them off to dispose of them. Callahan and John decided to tell local authorities that the room was all shot up when we got back and he suspects that it might have been potheads getting revenge.

The cops believed the story cause they were tired and honestly didn’t really care.

Next day the three went to visit the offices of ‘The Walton Mountaineer’. The only employee was named ‘Earl’ and he told them that last three decades is digitized but the rest is on microfiche. Callahan managed to bore Earl into letting him have a look at the backlogs as he rambled on about some old ‘cold case’ he was researching. Dylan and Callahan began looking for information on Coleville while John spent more time researching the evil tome.

Discovered Coleville failed after a few years because it ran out of processed timber that it sold to remain profitable. Also mentioned that there were rumors part of the demise of the town was an organization of ‘Church of the Living Waters’

Hiram Rasnick and Donald Lester were elders of the church. SOme letters to the editors talks of ‘peculiar beliefs on baptisms and misinterpretation of Noah’s Flood’. The church also practiced and to some extent encouraged incest.

Cole accumulated much of his money from moon-shining in 40’s. Cole published his own interpretation of the Bible claiming to have more insight because of time he spent in the middle east.

John contacted the Illuminati and learned that ‘the Leviathan’ referenced in the Scriptures was worshiped throughout history by various cultist groups. The Leviathan also went by the name ‘Glokie’ and those who worshiped him were known as ‘The Servants of Glokie’. They often offered up sacrifices by impaling them on large spikes through their abdomen.

The ‘zombies’ that attacked all had large abdominal wounds.

The team began to theorize that The Church had kidnapped Tim to use him for their sacrifice during the lunar eclipse. The team began to wonder if Donald Lester or Zeb Cole was actually Cicero Shortridge. As the team began to wonder where Tim was, the consensus was that the Resniks might have him, but they don’t know where the Rasnick House is.’

In cross-referencing news stories with the recorded lunar eclipses it is discovered that there is a pattern of disappearances aligning with lunar eclipses. The mine flooding happened right around the time of one of the recorded eclipses. 20-30 miners died from this ‘accident’ via drowning or suffocation.

The three have ‘dinner’ at Rainbow Diner around 4pm and then head to the marina. John takes ‘scuba lessons’ while Dylan and Callahan cruise the lake near the Coleville ruins with a ‘fish finder’ looking for anything unusual – they find nothing. Callahan scans the shoreline but doesn’t find anything worth investigating.


No Wounds
Two Points Each

Hawke: 10*«
Renfield: 31*
Callahan: 25*

  • - *Ready to advance a level
  • - « Bonus Birthday point
Unstill Waters & Fresh Blood: Part Two

The group went back to the female’s apt where she turned on them shortly after the Pastor tried to explain to her her unfortunate condition.

After a brief fight, Dylan managed to kill her via machete decapitation.

The three proceeded to their destination with Dylan and the Pastor jamming out to Kansas and Lynyrd Skinner

Upon arriving at Buckskin River Valley, the river is flooded and swollen – the town of ’Walton has a population of 1,330.

The remains of flooded buildings are visible in the murky river water

The trio stops at the local diner – ‘Rainbow Diner’ – they are served by ‘Mable’ and it quickly becomes obvious that the locals don’t’ care for visitors in their town. Mable also says the locals don’t like ‘Louie’ stories because .. well – they aren’t true.

The group then moves on to ‘Lucky Louie’s’ – the local bar. Pastor learns that there was a town named ‘coleville’ that was covered by buckskin lake from the barkeep – but it was before his time. Barkeep says ‘some college boy’ came into the barn and was asking about a ‘monster in the lake’.

Barkeep also mentioned that a mine opened into the lake at one point and the lake flooded the mine.

The three went to the hotel and found out that Tim didn’t check out but he took all his stuff and a pillow and a blanket and never was heard from again. One of the rooms the three get is Tim’s old room. It had been cleaned since he was there. There was a reference to Job 3:8 scribbled on a notepad: “May those who curse days[a] curse that day, those who are ready to rouse Leviathan.”

Next day after getting breakfast at the Rainbow Diner, they head out to the Deel Marina which turns out to also be a bait shop and camp ground.

Callahan noticed a glint of light across the lake and then the three went to investigate, they found an old hunting lodge in disrepair.

On second floor they find a hidden cache under a floorboard as well as the missing blanket and pillow from the hotel – the cache contained various personal effects as well as a digital video camera.

Video is a static shot of the surface of the lake for about an hour shot from the second floor window – nearly an hour into it – the camera zooms into a spot on the northwest shore – when the night-vision kicks in, a large ripple can be seen rolling across the lake’s surface and tim whispers, “hope I got that – I’ll have to check the tape”.

Shortly after that some people come into the lodge – the preacher goes down to investigate and finds three teen boys smoking weed. They mentioned they thought stu was the crazy old moonshine guy that lives around here. Further investigation made his name to be ‘shortrigde’ or ‘kerm’ or ‘cicero’.

After running the teen potheads off, the three decide to head back to town after collecting up Tim’s secret stash of gear and goods.


XP 2 each

Dylan: 7
Renfeld: 29
Frank: 23

Fresh Blood: Part One

On the way to Buckskin Lake, the two of them hear on the radio that the town they are passing through has had three murders in the last three days all seemingly by an ‘animal attack’ where the victum’s throat was attacked and they bled out.

All the murders happened near a bar named ’Spider’s’

All three murders were of thirty-something single guys.

The two find a likely candidate for a victim and follow him. He gets attacked by a blonde woman who claims that she hasn’t been able to control her hunger for days and claims she ’can’t come down’ from a high she’s had for days. She thinks someone slipped something into her drink.

After foiling her attack and taking her back to her apartment they learn that there was ‘a guy’ who gave her what she said was a ‘great drug’ and took her back to his loft. She tried to show the two where the loft was but couldn’t remember the actual place.

She managed to remember a ‘d’ name which the two guessed might be a ‘Dixon Niles’ based on names on mailboxes downstairs.

On making thier way up to Dixon’s loft, there were two girls in the apt. who invited them in and were acting very seductive. There was no ‘Dixon’ to be found.

Renfeld found some drugs in the bathroom designed to thin blood.

After a bit of chit-chit, the two girls show their true colors and attack Dylan and Renfeld. The two escape, but not before Dylan got slashed across the chest (one wound).

Once away, Renfeld heals Dylan’s wound with a prayer and leaves Dylan speechless at the miracle.

Renfeld calls in backup from the Illuminati who connects him with a local hunter team who arms them and educates them in how to kill vampires.

The four of them launch an attack on the Vampire nest during the day time during which the ancient vampire and all his thralls were destroyed without any wounds suffered on the side of the ‘heroes’.

Dylan: 3 (5)
Renfeld: 3 (27)

Unstill Waters: Part One

Brother Renfeld – Stu’s Character
James Crocker – Father
Tim Crocker – Missing Son
– Unit name ‘Merlin’
– Student at USC
– Lives in apt off campus (rm. 203)
– Hasn’t contacted dad in 2 weeks – usually calls every Sunday
– Dad gave us registration information for Tim’s 1996 Subaru Outback
– Tim had a ‘girl friend’ who he played ‘board games’ with – Sherrie Newsome
– Sherrie lived across hall (rm. 204)
– Heavy set goth girl

Dylan talked a key out of her by telling her Tim thought of her as his girlfriend
Renfeld got a key from the manager just by being his charming self.

Apartment was dusty and obviously not lived in for some time.
In living room was a lot of research into the paranormal with the most recent research having to do with sea monsters and ‘water phenomena’
Dylan noticed in other rooms of the apartment signs that perhaps Tim had packed for a trip somewhere.

Fluid stains in Tim’s parking space told Dylan it had been at least a week or week and a half since a vehicle was parked there

After finding a mail box key they were able to access his mail box which was stuffed with mail to the point of overflowing – junk mail, cell phone bill, bank statement, paranormal times, credit card bill.

Cell phone predates Tim’s disappearance by two weeks. No calls to North Carolina. Nothing really stood out on the bill.

There were no charges on the credit card statement.

recent charges were discovered after calling in to his credit card company. A charge was made a week and a half ago on the 26th (Sunday), Super 6 Motel in Walton North Carolina which is fairly close to ‘Buckskin Lake’.

Calling in about the cell phone reveals it has not been used past the last statement.

Deel’s Marina – July 27th (Monday).

Bank statement had him withdrawing $300 locally on the 25th (Saturday)

In one of Tim’s blogs he says he’s onto something big. Another bloggers asks if it’s related to Coalville? There’s no response. This blog comment was about a week bevore he left.

Turns out it was a misspelling of ‘Coleville’. When Buckskin Lake was created, Coleville was flooded and now only exists as ruins under the lake.

Louie is the ‘monster’ in Buckskin lake.

Leonard Small – Owner of ‘local marina’.

Session cont’d at “Fresh Blood: Part One”


+2 XP

Jon 24
Don 21


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